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 ObsidianPony's Characters

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PostSubject: ObsidianPony's Characters   ObsidianPony's Characters I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2016 10:25 pm

Name: Tea Leaf (Alias: Hoodwink)

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 24

Appearance: Light brown coat, dark brown fairly long mane, almost always dressed in a long midnight blue cape and a matching wide brimmed hat. Handsome with blue eyes and a thin build for an earth pony

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: The aforementioned cape and hat, almost always has a saddle bag of equipment with him as well as quite commonly a belt which various vials and potions can be attached to.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): A master thief who has perfected many forms of infiltration and stealth. Also a skilled potion brewer and acrobat, capable of great agility and speed for an earth pony.

Weaknesses: Lacks physical power compared to most earth ponies and is not a skilled fighter, preferring to avoid a fight altogether and simply talk his way out of situations when he can.

Occupation: Thief/Spy

Gear: Carries many potion ingredients with him as well as a flintlock pistol, which is usually used more as a tool or a threat than an actual weapon. Most common pieces of equipment include a grappling hook and smoke bombs.

History: Tea Leaf was adopted into a wealthy noble family at a young age, entirely as an attempt at goodwill and helping their generous and kind image. The young earth pony colt was never welcomed in the home truly, neglected in favor of their actual child Diamond Tip and in general left in the care of the staff instead, who more often than not simply told him to entertain himself.

Due to this sense of loneliness, Tea Leaf found solace in reading in the family library where he first became fascinated with adventure stories, from Daring Do to the more obscure and historical accounts of real thieves. Deciding he enjoyed the idea of the gentlemen thieves much more than the supposed high society he was being raised in, Tea Leaf quickly attached himself to the idea of becoming the greatest thief in Equestria.

By the age of only 16 Tea Leaf, using skills he had taught himself for years, left his family home while stealing a great amount of valuables in the process. Over the next six years he would go on to, indeed, become one of the most infamous thieves in Equestrian history, never causing much harm but seeming to be unstoppable and continually baffling the Equestrian Royal Guard.

Within the first year, "Hoodwink" was a member of the most wanted list in Equestria, but it took until six years after he began to be finally apprehended, caught in the middle of a sting operation after his ally in the guard Razor Back unintentionally betrayed him by letting some information slip about his next plan.

After spending several weeks in the castle prison, Tea Leaf was approached by Princess Celestia who offered him a more valuable use for his skills in infiltration and theft. Now Tea Leaf works for Celestia in lieu of a prison sentence for his crimes, employed by her as a spy and "problem solver" for threats to the kingdom and underhanded crimes of the other kingdoms of the world.

Personality: Tea Leaf is arrogant, sarcastic and overall can seem unpleasant at first glance. The sarcasm and arrogance are something of a facade however, as the stallion is, generally, an affable and good hearted pony who simply has a tendency towards kleptomania, the brunt of his arrogance and sarcasm being reserved for those he sees as not worth his time, or simply people he doesn't like. Towards his friends he is, by contrast, fun loving and loyal to a fault.

Current Home: A manor house in Canterlot.

Misc: Tea Leaf's nature as "Hoodwink" is something of an open secret to those who actually know Tea Leaf; while he has only ever fully confessed to being the thief to his companions and the Princesses, he makes minimal effort to hide it after his capture since he is now legally protected from his past actions.
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PostSubject: Re: ObsidianPony's Characters   ObsidianPony's Characters I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2016 11:45 pm

Name: Razor Back
Race: Thestral/Batpony
Age: 20
Appearance: Light grey coat with a shoulder length (for lack of a better term) purple mane which is often scruffy and unkempt. Has amber eyes which like most thestrals have black slits for pupils.

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: Usually wears a Wonderbolts hoodie when off duty

Distinguishing Features: Razor Back has several small scars here and there across her coat due to a rough upbringing as well as her career as a guard.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Razor Back is an expert in combat, trained from a young age and then receiving refinement in the night guard, she overwhelms most opponents with sheer ferocity but can take a more skillful approach if necessary. Fighting back against unfavorable odds is something she is used to.

Weaknesses: Razor's temper often leads her to do very stupid things during a fight if she gets sufficiently angry, and on top of this her lack of formal education causes some noticeable gaps in her general knowledge, causing her to be severely lacking in areas such as magical knowledge, potion brewing or even history.

Occupation: Night Guard

Gear: Aside from the night guard armor, Razor Back wields a pair of longswords which unbeknownst to her are two of a set of nine originally forged by the Three Kingdoms in case an alicorn ever needed to be slain. However, the blades Razor wields will only reveal their power to someone who is both worthy and a pegasus, meaning Razor herself is unaware of their power.

History: Razor Back was raised in a cult which her family belonged to, a fanatical group of Nightmare Moon worshippers who were preparing for her return as it was prophecised to be soon. Razor Back was an attempt by her family and the cult at large to raise a commander for Nightmare Moon upon her return, trying from a young age to brainwash and control her while training her to be a weapon.

Their attempts were fruitless and at the age of 16 Razor Back escaped from her family and fled to Canterlot; after spending a year working in odd jobs and labor to support herself she applied for the Night Guard with falsified documents about her age to get in. During this time she became an acquaintance and ally of Hoodwink due to her dissatisfaction with the guard and helped him undertake many of his heists and adventures.

During the same sting operating that caught Tea Leaf, Razor was arrested as an accomplice. She was given the same offer as him and now works with him as a part of Celestia's private team to investigate disturbances and crimes which the royal guard cannot officially be involved in.

Personality: Quick to anger, fierce and very bitter, Razor Back is a mare who carries a lot of issues and faults as a result of her upbringing. Despite this she is doing her best to better herself as a person, and wants nothing more than to do good in the world and defy her family.

Current Home: When not using the guard barracks she usually stays with Tea Leaf.

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ObsidianPony's Characters
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