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 Very's Characters

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PostSubject: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:26 pm

Name: Fine Fantasy

Race: unicorn

Age: 19

Mane: dark reddish-brown with a deep blue streak; typically in a ponytail

Coat: very pale... beige, I suppose?

Cutie mark: a white quill

Extra details: dark brown eyes

Distinguishing Features:

Specialty: fictional writing; prophetic dreams

Weaknesses: very inexperienced with magic, has no sense of smell, severely allergic to daisies, no confidence or trust in herself, barely literate in Equestrian writing



History: Fantasy used to be a human, a Brony, named Jasper Bailey. She was transported to Equestria via an old spell of Starswirl's, from the beginning of his extra-dimensional experimentations. On the way, she was forcibly and excruciatingly transformed into a pony.

She wound up exploding into the castle and was put in the royal infirmary immediately. She explained herself to Celestia and her words were confirmed by Luna. Blissfully unaware she's closely monitored, Fantasy learns everything she can about Equestria and being a pony... while barely being literate in Equestrian.

Celestia promised to help Fantasy get back home, and while she was stuck there she could stay in a guest room in the castle. However, after nearly a year, Celestia had to admit defeat: she couldn’t replicate the spell that had been in the book, nor could she make a new one to get Fantasy back to the correct universe. She can’t even find- let alone connect to -Fantasy's universe without endangering Equestria. Celestia has yet to break this to Fantasy.

Personality: creative, intelligent, kind, caring, quiet, introverted, generally honest, lazy, anxious, ignorant, sees herself as generally inadequate

Current Home: Canterlot Castle

Misc: is Aspergic; her tail thumps when she's aroused

Accurate enough

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:28 pm

Name: Sol Song

Race: phoenix griffon

Age: 11

Extra details: yellow eyes; shiny, golden-yellow scales on the forelegs; lion back half

Distinguishing Features: bright gold, orange, and red feathers (which are typically dyed black), and two little peacock-like feathers on her head.

Specialty: pyrokinesis, healing tears, regeneration; Phoenix Song: with melodious vocalizations, she can move the sun (when she's older, I mean), perform basic telekinesis, and share her emotions with others. However, if she adds words, she can perform more complicated magics, such as spells normally limited to horned ponies

Weaknesses: naivety, ignorance, the physical limitations that come with being 11 years old; she might accidentally use Phoenix Song when intending to sing normally



History: Song’s history begins long before she was born, when she was still an egg: the first and only daughter of the Sun Pharaoh Ra. Her egg gave the kingdom hope and anticipation for a brilliant and prosperous future. Unfortunately, Song’s egg came only months before the kingdom would be invaded and conquered.

Cats invaded the kingdom. When they reached the castle, their leader threatened to smash Song’s egg if Ra did not give her his secret name. The cats had made sure that Ra had no other way to save his daughter, so he complied, and as soon as he had given her his name, the leader used it to banish him from existence. Then she used a powerful spell to put Song’s egg into suspended animation and placed it upon her new scepter: a trophy of their conquest and new rule over the kingdom of Gallypt.

Over time, as with many things, this event became mere legend to most. In time, Song’s egg found its way into an Equestrian museum that Celestia (with Philomena) visited one day. Philomena recognized Song’s egg for what it was, partially because the suspension spell was finally wearing off, and in the night snuck into the museum and took Song’s egg. Celestia found out of course, and scolded Philomena, until Song started hatching.

Now Song’s life begins, though there isn’t much to tell right now. Celestia and Philomena care for her, Celestia homeschools (castleschools?) her, and she tries to keep her existence known to as few as possible. They don't actually know the history of Sol Song's egg, since the lioness that took Ra's throne ordered the destruction of records of him being a phoenix-griffon, just because she could.

Personality: cheerful, optimistic, energetic, naive; Song struggles a bit with her identity, both because she is unable to earn a destiny mark and because of an internal conflict of desire vs responsibility (of the potentially royal variety).

Current Home: Canterlot Castle

Misc: a huge fan of the Power Ponies and Zena the Zebra Warrior Princess comics

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:30 pm

Name: Candle Flame

Race: unicorn

Age: 21

Mane: gradient yellow to red; short; in a ponytail

Coat: candle wax color

Cutie mark:

Extra details: royal blue eyes

Distinguishing Features:

Specialty: pyrokinesis: regular fire, waterproof fire (green), messenger fire (also green), permafrost fire (blue), Friendship Fire (pink), Aphrodisia Fire (purple); meditation; dancing; resistant to fire and high temperatures

Weaknesses: weak swimmer; she’s rather mediocre in other areas of magic

Occupation: firedancer

Gear: hair band with a fake lily

History: Candle was adopted when she was an infant. One of her dads was a Royal Guard, the other ran a cafe. When she was a little filly they saw a special gift in her for pyromancy, and applied her for Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. She was accepted.

Turns out the schoolwork was a lot harder than Candle thought it would be. It put a lot of strain on her and absolutely drained her free time having to spend so many hours to understand the material, and even then sometimes she just didn't have enough raw magical power to actually do it. Her struggling with schoolwork and magic also attracted taunting and bullying from her peers, and prevented her from developing a real bond with her brother who was adopted some time after her acceptance into Celestia's School.

Eventually, the intense workload, bullying, and having absolutely no time for anything but school finally got the best of Candle and she dropped out, bringing her self-esteem to an all-time low and prompting an emergency family meeting. A lot was confessed that night: Candle’s parents had worked so hard to make sure she could go to Celestia’s School, and she'd been admitted into the School so that'd proven that she could do it so she couldn't just flake out. Meanwhile, her dads were actually glad she had dropped out because they had seen her so stressed out and miserable that they worried that was the mare she was going to grow up to be.

Since Candle wasn’t consumed by schoolwork anymore, she actually had time for a life. She started helping out around the house, and experimented with pyromancy using lit candles. Eventually Candle got her cutie mark and started doing pyromancy shows.

Personality: Candle's a chill pony. She's not easily angered or upset, and is a clear thinker in the face of conflict. She responds calmly, but not coolly, to rudeness and hostility.

Current Home: Canterlot

Misc: has a sphynx cat

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:32 pm

Name: Crystal Sparkle

Race: unicorn

Age: 22

Mane: royal blue with a light pink streak

Coat: off-white blue

Cutie mark: a blue crystal cluster

Extra details: speaks in a Canterlot accent; often wears jewelry of her own creation

Distinguishing Features: being the daughter of a minor celebrity, if that counts?

Specialty: crystal magic: ice, salt, sugar… all crystals, she magicks up crystals out of thin air; jewelry making

Weaknesses: uh... not superpowered?

Occupation: jeweler; crystal maker for commission


History: Crystal is the daughter of a famous Equestrian singer, Canary Melody, but she was given to her aunt, Yellow Journal, so that Melody would be able to continue her busy career. Journal took Crystal in, reluctantly, as the only other options were the orphanage or Pure Gold and Married Rich. The sisters didn’t have a good relationship at all, and it was only made worse by Melody simply giving Crystal to Journal with very little warning (she got a letter a week in advance) and assuming Journal would take her in with little protest.

Journal wrote for a highly sensational gossip magazine in Manehatten, and before she had only made occasional jabs at Melody. But now she was mad, and she would go full-out: she immediately started with Melody’s leaving Crystal with her, in very harsh words calling her a bad parent and flaky pony, and basically made half her career attacking Melody in her column. However, Journal herself didn’t do much for Crystal; she only did enough to make sure she was alive and healthy. Melody wanted her to be Crystal’s nanny, and she’d be her nanny… not her mother. She wanted Crystal to feel Melody’s absence, and grow the same resentment that she had for her.

Melody sent Crystal gifts every holiday and birthday, making sure the gifts would not arrive a day too late. Journal dismissed these as attempts to buy Crystal’s love, and it was backed up since most of the gifts were rather generic and didn’t match Crystal’s interests much. Crystal excused this, reasoning that Melody had very little time to see her, let alone really get to know her. Although one of Melody’s gifts did hit a mark: one time she sent a crystal-growing kit, which sparked Crystal’s interest in crystal magic because she grew impatient with the kit and magically accelerated the crystal growth herself. Journal never thought to exploit Crystal’s abilities, as she thought she was only growing the cheap kit crystals and never paid enough attention to her to learn the truth.

There were a few times Melody could take time off to see Crystal, and each of those times Crystal learned a little more about her mother. She came to see that while she was cheerful and generous, she was… rather like a popular high school girl: vapid and materialistic, and rather immature. Crystal found this a sharp contrast to Journal, who was venomous, vindictive, bitter, and manipulative.

Crystal didn’t have many friends, and it was largely Journal’s fault. Being the daughter of a famous singer, Crystal got quite a lot of attention. A lot of ponies asked her questions like “what’s your mom like” or “can I meet her” or “do you think you could pull a few strings and…”. Other ponies were more critical, believing Journal’s words about Melody to also be true, to some extent, about Crystal. This was fueled by populars who were jealous of Crystal’s innate fame and connections (and her beauty). Crystal finally found relief and friendship in one Sugarcoat, who started the friendship by stating very bluntly that she didn’t give a crap who she was or who her mother was and would not treat her special because of the fame and benefits she was born with.

Eventually Journal saw how she was affecting Crystal’s social life. This actually upset her, and soon after she found out she wrote an article that not only indirectly apologized to Crystal, but made it clear that she was not the pony being insulted and was “not a pony who deserves to be insulted”. Crystal, while touched, was still mad that Journal hadn't cared enough to realize sooner.

Crystal and Sugarcoat decided they’d move out together, as roommates. Crystal sent her mother a letter telling her she was moving to Canterlot with her friend, and that she was welcome to visit; she merely told her aunt ‘bye’.

Crystal runs a jewelry shop and Sugarcoat co-runs a fireworks shop.

Personality: It is very important to her to be as trustworthy as possible, as being witness to and subject of rumors and gossip for most of her life, she needed to be the one that ponies could trust to set the record straight. She’s very self-aware and not easily hurt or destabilized by insults, and she doesn’t waste energy beating around bushes or doing silly social dances. She doesn’t like to talk about her family but will tell if asked, though in curt sentences, to make it very clear that it is not a welcome subject.

Current Home: Canterlot

Misc: favorite candy is rock candy

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:39 pm

"I will succeed. Not immediately, but definitely."

Name: Nox

Race: Alicorn

Age: a little over 400 years old

Mane: black; ethereal

Coat: dark grey

Cutie Mark: a black circle

Extra details: violet eyes, uncut curly fetlocks

Distinguishing Features: when in public, Nox takes on a disguise by suppressing her powers, wearing a hoodie, and using a very powerful Glamour spell to hide her wings; when she does this, she typically goes by New Moon


-Shadow control
-Shadow Teleportation: teleporting through shadows (they can’t be too small, or too light, and need definable borders)
-Shadow "communication"
-"Shadow reading": Nox can sense things about someone through their shadow; only works on things that are at least sentient
-Very acute senses
-can imitate several monster and animal noises
-can easily go in and out of the Shadow World (though she prefers not to, as Grogar is there)
-She can feel spirits’ presence, to the point that she can see them if she wants to; she can also acutely feel the flow and movement of magic just about anywhere she is

Weaknesses: while having fought monsters most of her life, she is not actually trained in combat; the more intense a light, the harder it is for her to make/maintain a shadow; severe trust issues; weak flier (for an alicorn; about average for a pegasus); a bit of a hoarder; due to growing up as a "disabled mortal pony", and fearing what would happen if she tried to use her full power, she has little clue of her true alicorn ability and thinks in mortal pony limitations

Occupation: monster hunter (self-designated)

Gear: an old, battered, dark-purple hoodie, and a belt underneath to keep her wings folded to her sides; a Bag of Holding around her neck with: a Swiss Army knife, numerous books, food and water supplies (emergency, fresh, and sometimes stolen), several note and sketchbooks, a necklace holding multiple Gem Maps (Gem Map: a gem holding the image of a map, enchanted to ping little red dots where there are significant threats), sunglasses, a white cloak (for when it's hot), a rock with a black galaxy-like spiral engraved in it (it is connected to other Shadow Teleportation runes Nox has set up throughout Equestria for easier long-distance teleporting) and other miscellaneous items

History: Nox was found in the forest outside of Hollow Shades. She could already say her name, her magic aura was two colors (sort of: purple with a light blue twinkle at the tip), and she had wings and a horn (both larger than average for year-old foals). The owners of the orphanage believed this was a birth defect (as it had been seen before) and that she had been left in the forest to die.

Nox’s life was somewhat average for one in Hollow Shades at the time, if a bit sad. In the orphanage, she had a lot of trouble getting adopted and was generally rejected by most of the other foals because of her supposed birth defects and her choice in friends: Misty, who could talk to ghosts, Midnight Rose, a rule stickler, and Cookie Crumble, who was chubby. The ponies who ran the small orphanage did scold and punish the foals whenever they actually caught them picking on Nox and her friends.

Her classmates treated her similarly, and one pony in particular became her childhood enemy. Many adults that Nox met were either condescending, patronizing, or avoided her (and sometimes dragged their children with them) like she was contagious.

She had a few adult friends: the owners of the orphanage, her teacher, and a pony named Weatherworn Compass. Weatherworn took her on adventures with him and encouraged her sense and curiosity… until some witnessing adults were worried he was taking her into the forest to do bad things to her. After that, Nox was forbidden from going into the forest again or anywhere where ponies wouldn’t be able to see what they were doing. They settled for reading in the town’s library together and sharing stories.

Nox was finally adopted just before she turned 14. The couple was interested in learning more about her and her apparent condition, and upon really meeting her for the first time they were quite surprised to find that her horn and wings both appeared to work just fine, even above-average. They decided to postpone any surgery and instead figure out the exact nature of Nox’s condition. At first, this involved a lot of poking, prodding, and examinations. Later, it involved testing and raising her limits with regular flight exercises and spell practice. But through all of it, were questions. So. Many. Questions. Nox hardly cared for it at all. She felt more like these ponies’ science experiment than their daughter, so she avoided the house as long as she could and instead hung out with her friends- sometimes around the orphanage, sometimes the library, sometimes the sweets shop, and sometimes at the outskirts of the town.

When she was 16, Nox’s parents convinced her to come out into the forest to test something out, and her friends followed. They had a theory about the twinkle on Nox's horn, and they told her to push her magical ability as hard as she could. Nox complied, and under all the magical strain, the blue twinkle at the tip of Nox’s horn… exploded. It exploded like glass. And that’s when everything went dark.

When Nox finally managed to get a hold of herself, she found everypony injured- Weatherworn most severely -and Midnight missing. Nox herself… had changed. She was taller, slightly darker… and her mane and tail flowed like… like solid shadow.

The search for Midnight Rose lasted months. Nox had to be banned from the search because she’d worked herself to total exhaustion. Meanwhile, the town was buzzing with rumors and questions about Nox, as many of them were now quite curious and afraid of her: she was taller, darker, her mane seemed to be made of darkness itself, and… just look at what she’d done!  By now, it was clear that she was not disabled at all…

Months after Rose’s disappearance, a unicorn in golden armor showed up in Hollow Shades. Turns out, Nox’s enemy's mother had sent an urgent letter to a relative in Canterlot about recent events and had begged her to help. The new pony demanded to know just what had happened and everything the townsponies had to say about Nox. The more she heard, the more wary she grew of Nox.

Within two days, the pony believed to know exactly what was going on: Nox was evil. She was the alicorn of darkness, and she had deliberately hurt her friends to show them just what she could do to them. She wanted to use Misty to channel evil spirits to aid her; she didn’t like her parents, so she’d tried to poison them with pure Dark Magic; Midnight was obviously the only one who wouldn’t stand by her in her conquest for Equestria, so she had to get rid of her and incapacitate Weatherworn to make sure she wasn’t found. And she’d given them all a taste of Dark Magic, so that they would want more and join her to get that power.

Nox was dumbfounded. She thought this mare had been here to help them figure out what had happened and where Midnight was, but instead she was calling her the Queen of Evil or something and accusing her of deliberately hurting her friends! She didn’t stand for it, she called this pony out on her wild and slanderous accusations.

However, Nox's words fell on deaf ears. With a song, the pony stirred the crowd up into an angry mob intent on taking Nox dead or alive. The few who still supported Nox were helpless to stop them, and Nox was forced to leave the town, and keep running.

She quickly realized that if she ever wanted ponies to accept her, she'd have to work long and hard to get rid of the stigmas and exaggerated fears against the darkness. Her first century was rough: that pony that had ruined her life in Hollow Shades followed her for decades before finally dying, and in that time she made sure Nox never had any “followers” for long, whether they were pets or ponies or monsters (vampires, werewolves, ghosts, dragons, etc.), and she made sure that ponies knew about her, whether they knew it or not; that’s where the legend of the Pony of Shadows came from, though across Equestria it only stays the same in its name.

Nox continues to fight for the dark to this day.

Personality: Above everything, Nox's strongest trait is her determination. She is an alicorn and therefore, in her mind, there is nothing she can't accomplish with power or time. She is a quiet, intelligent, observant pony who knows there will always be something new to learn about the world around her and rarely does she not wish to know whatever that may be. She herself is hard to read, though, which is both inherent and intentional; don't want your enemies to read you like an open book, after all. However, despite her trust issues she is not cold or harsh; in fact, she cares quite a lot about others and their safety and well-being, and will do everything in her ability to help those who need it. And despite her circumstances, experiences, and supposed predisposition towards angst and pessimism, Nox is actually an optimistic and somewhat humorous pony. This is at least partially thanks to Pyra's influence and companionship, as well as Nox's own determination to be happy despite everything.

However, Nox is still a centuries-old, distrustful recluse. She doesn't know what to do in social situations like parties, festivals, or the simplest social gatherings, and will spend the time she's not struggling to comprehend euphemisms terrified that somepony will find out about her accidentally and spread news about "the alicorn of darkness" all throughout Equestria. She is also generally biased against dragons, griffons, Saddle Arabians, Diamond Dogs, and all but hates changelings. She also looks down on donkeys, mules, cows, and sheep without really realizing it. However, she doesn't try to justify or ignore her biases, but instead does her best to fix them. She is also capable of painlessly performing Dark Magic... meaning she has true rage in her heart. Really, though, given certain events, that's not surprising.

Current Home: N/A

Misc: she has a rather motherly phoenix companion named Pyra.

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:40 pm

Name: Starlight Wish

Race: unicorn

Age: 16

Mane: blond

Coat: white

Cutie mark: a yellow four-point star

Extra details:

Distinguishing Features:

Specialty: a spell that, with the phrase “I wish…” will grant the caster’s wish near-instantly. Terms and conditions apply: no wishing for the death, life, or love of someone. The spells also have a power limit: the greater effect the spell will have directly, the more power it takes (basically means she can’t wish to be the queen of Equestria or anything like that).

Weaknesses: in public, Starlight Wish puts on a facade of kindness and compassion. However, this facade starts to break if the situation diverges from how she wants it to go and a simple “I wish” won’t fix it. Also, wishes that directly affect physical, mental, or magical aspects are always temporary, and excessive use of them will have adverse effects.


Gear: designer purse

History: Starlight Wish was born into great wealth. She grew up in a mansion, the Gold Mansion, and she had maids and a butler to look after her when her father, Pure Gold, was busy, or her mother, Married Rich, was finding a reason to be busy.

Starlight was put into, or at least applied for, many, many different programs, clubs, private lessons, and even Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns (though she failed to meet the requirements for admittance). Her father did this hoping to help Wish find her special talent faster and make friends, but this accomplished neither of those goals: she quickly grew to resent any group of ponies she was forced into, and… well, there isn’t exactly a class for ponies who want to use wish spells.

However, Wish thrived in the high school environment. Being pretty and rich made her one of the most popular ponies in school, and it was where she learned how to sabotage other ponies out of jealousy or for amusement (and where she gained her preference for disproportionate retribution) without being caught (most of the time). She became a particularly vicious, textbook Alpha Bitch.

High school was also when she earned her cutie mark, as well as earning a moment in the limelight. Wish met a pegasus member of a Nightmare cult who wasn't particularly good at hiding his affiliation. She charmed him into letting her join the cult; Wish had a plan. During this, she found a page out of an unknown magic book within the pegasus's personal journal: the Wish Spell. She took it. Later, she directed the Royal Guard to the group on the night of a meeting and got her fifteen minutes of fame when the Canterlot papers and even Princess Celestia herself praised her as a hero.

The first use of the Wish Spell was on her mother: Wish’s father was finally tired of Married Rich’s shit and divorced her, and Married got half of Gold’s money and belongings. As Wish was dependent on her dad’s money, she saw this as Married taking half of her stuff as well. She wanted revenge, so just as Married was finally leaving, Wish wished for her to have a brain aneurysm. This took more power than she thought it would, but it worked: it cost Married sight in her right eye and ability to use magic.

Later, now assured the spell worked, Wish used it to cause her dad to fall down a flight of stairs and snap his neck (this was rather lucky for Starlight). Now that she had his remaining money, and owned his Equestria-wide chain of banks, she was set for life and could use the Wish Spell however and whenever she liked, as long as she was careful about it.

Personality: Given her age and privileged life, Starlight is rather immature, impatient, and ignorant. That does not make her unintelligent, as she is very capable of long-term plotting and understands the consequences of little actions and events. She’s spoiled and selfish and does not care about the well-being of other ponies, although she is experienced in faking it. Starlight gets pleasure from undermining and sabotaging other ponies, sometimes out of spite or just for shits and giggles. She's also racist.

Current Home: the Starlight Mansion, a little outside Canterlot

Misc: cousin of Crystal Sparker; she has a menagerie of exotic pets that she relies on her servants to care for

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:45 pm

Name: Phantasmagoria (Phantasma for short, but very few have the privilege to use that name)

Race: Changeling Queen

Age: 40

Mane: dark pink, straight, whole

Chitin: black, shiny

Extra details: light pink gradient outer irises, desaturated blood red inner irises

Distinguishing Features: hole-less curved changeling horn, holes are smaller than her mother’s and don't go all the way through, undamaged, vaguely butterfly-shaped wings, in between Celestia and Luna in height

Specialty: shapeshifting, mind influence and control, Hivemind connection and command, insect climbing ability, singing and dancing, can speak multiple languages

Weaknesses: her power level, and life, is entirely reliant on love and pony magic; she, like all changelings, cannot be sustained by changeling love

Occupation: Changeling Queen


History: Phantasmagoria’s egg was rescued by a changeling who betrayed Chrysalis and ran off with it, claiming to be taking the job off her hooves (she was injured and rather irritable at the time). The changeling wandered with the egg for a good while, very soon realizing he didn’t actually know where to go or what to do, and that if he didn’t figure it out soon the egg wouldn’t make it.

The changeling struggled to keep the egg well and himself merely alive and the both of them from being discovered by ponies or found by Chrysalis. Finally, he met a griffon outside the city of Baltimare and appealed to her sympathy and pity to convince her to let them live with her and feed off her love.

The changeling taught the little Queen everything he knew about what it was to be a changeling, and everything he knew about Chrysalis. The little Queen, not yet with a name that satisfied her, provided her own thoughts about the information, mainly about Chrysalis and her woefully indiscreet and shortsighted tactics. The griffon housing them became less and less comfortable with having them around over time, so the changeling used the opportunity to teach the little Queen about manipulation and mind control.

When she was old enough and educated enough to keep her disguise consistent in public, she and the changeling left the griffon… in the hospital. They drained her enough to leave her in a coma: no witnesses who’d be motivated by conscience or revenge, and no mysterious murder or disappearance that’d prompt a police investigation.

She headed straight for Canterlot: the city of riches, class, and beauty. There, she drained and took the place of the wife of one of the city’s rich stallions; the changeling played a butler. They formulated plans for a hive, most of all wondering where it would be located in a city as populated and busy as Canterlot and under the nose of Princess Celestia.

Phantasmagoria and her “husband” found an entrance to Canterlot Mountain's crystal caves by accident during a hike. After some careful exploration, she and the other changeling found a spot in the caverns deep enough, hidden enough, and spacious enough to fit their needs. Phantasmagoria faked her death (putting the mare (whose life she drained) she’d been imitating in the casket in place of herself) so that she could marry a poorer but more loving stallion closer to an entrance into the caves. That’s where she’s been since, growing and looking after her hive, going about Canterlot doing what she needs or wants to do, and doing her part with flair and fabulousity. That one changeling from Chrysalis’s hive is still with her and is her adviser and father figure, and she cares for him deeply.

Personality: flamboyant and eccentric, but clever, deceptive, manipulative, and strategic, and does not let pride and arrogance cloud her judgement, generally Neutral but can be vindictive, has a vendetta against Chrysalis, has great love and interest in Equestrian performing arts, usually only has interest for her and her hive’s gain

Current Home: the Canterlot caves

Misc: Queen Chrysalis always destroys any Queen eggs she lays to protect her power over her hive and prevent competition for resources. Phantasma’s changelings have darker chitin, brighter blue shells,

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PostSubject: Re: Very's Characters   Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:15 am

Name: Merry Fizzlebomb

Race: thestral

Age: 35

Mane: lavender and sherbet orange

Coat: dark grey-blue

Cutie mark: three fireworks

Extra details:

Distinguishing Features: has a lock of hair over her left eye, and the rest of her mane is in a ponytail meant to look like a firework

Specialty: chemistry; pyrotechnics, especially fireworks

Weaknesses: eyes are sensitive to sunlight, wings are extra vulnerable to frostbite, has atrocious waking hours for a thestral, horrendous stagefright

Occupation: pyrotechnician

Gear: sunglasses, purse, some crazy crystals in her ponytail

History: Merry Fizzlebomb’s birth name was Midnight Passion. She was given this name based on her dark blue coat and bright, colorful mane, as well as the mental image of fireworks that her parents chose to interpret as a passionate personality and love for the spotlight. They thought she would be like her father, Black Velvet Tenor, an opera singer, and would take to the stage with enthusiasm and fervor. This would balance out well with her mother and older sister, Jasper Moon and Moonlit Way, the first of whom was the mayor of Hollow Shades and the second of whom was a diviner.

Soon after Merry’s birth, the family moved to Canterlot. Jasper had greatly benefited Hollow Shades, but she felt that she and her family would never amount to anything in that small town. Making a name in Canterlot proved difficult at first, but soon enough they discovered an advantage they held above all others: Moonlit’s divination. She was their Liquid Luck, giving Black Tenor the steps he needed, both the honest and the underhoofed, to become a big name in Canterlot Opera, and getting Jasper into a position of great political prominence, both in an impressive amount of time in general, and a record time for thestrals in those fields. After she had helped her parents, Moonlit was given the space to find how she wanted to use her divination abilities.

Thanks to growing up in Canterlot, and to her sister, mother, and father, Merry Midnight had a lot to live up to. She was expected to have no problem growing up gifted, talented, sophisticated, dedicated, and passionate, a high society thestral who added to the name the family had made for themselves and contradicted every thestral stereotype out there. Bonus points if she was as useful as her sister had been.

Black Tenor tried tutoring Merry in opera, but she… didn’t take to it. She preferred… other music genres. Electronic, one of them was called, clearly a phase that would die with the ear-grating music, and she’d find her passion in true music, or some other role on the stage. Jasper and Moonlit had decided early on that Merry was too energetic for politics and too unfocused for divination. Unfortunately, an incident brought on by high pressure and severe stage fright would leave Merry utterly humiliated and adamant about never setting hoof on a stage again.

Merry had always shown little or no care for Canterlot’s reserved and hoity-toity atmosphere. She was an energetic, rambunctious, loud little filly who wanted to play with other energetic, rambunctious, loud little ponies. However, the older she got the harder it was to find playmates her age. Her mother and father thought this was good for Merry, believing that she’d finally mature into a fine Canterlot mare. Merry did not want to be a “fine Canterlot mare”, who suppressed her emotions for fear of looking undignified, she wanted to be energetic and openly passionate and fun-loving! Her parents had an odd way of looking at that: “You are confirming thestral stereotypes with your rambunctious and immature behavior, and you are embarrassing yourself and all of us!”

And then, relief, as Merry’s parents noticed that she’d taken an interest in science. Finally, they thought, she’s showing some promise! However, no sooner had they found that out did they find out exactly what part of science she was interested in: fire, pretty colors, and explosions. Merry scorched quite a few things and left permanent smells in many parts of the house (most of them actually in her own room) in her ameteur hours of pyrotechnics. Her skills did grow, though, despite many scoldings and groundings and confiscations of materials. Her stock phrase during childhood: “It’s for science!”

Merry earned her cutie mark at a Grand Galloping Gala, during a brilliant fireworks display that filled the night sky with joy and exuberance in physical form that could not be denied by even the most stubbornly-dignified pony! It was living, cheering art in motion right above her head! She loved it! She wanted part of it! She wanted to make fireworks that inspired joy and awe in all who saw them!

Her parents were less than thrilled to see her new cutie mark. Was she really going to work in a fireworks factory? Was that her destiny? Or was she going to be a glorified pyromaniac?

Merry didn’t want to take that bullshit disappointment, so she left. She did indeed work in a fireworks factory for a few years, learning everything she could about making fireworks while secretly sleeping in or near the factory. She got fired when she was caught wasting firework materials on her personal experiments, and thus truly had no place to sleep or take shelter. Heck, she barely had any money from the shit pay.

Luckily, help came from Crystal Sparker and Sugarcoat, who had recently moved to Canterlot. Crystal was hesitant, as Manehatten had made her distrusting of poor, desperate strangers. Sugarcoat, on the other hoof, was interested in Merry’s pyrotechnic talents, and took her in as a business and production partner. The two share a fireworks shop now, and all three ponies share a house above said shop.

Merry legally changed her name, and changed her mild hairstyle to… well, something modelled after a firework.

Personality: Merry is a very energetic, enthusiastic, expressive, jovial pony whose optimism rivals Gabriella the Griffon. She likes to make every moment fun and enjoyable for herself and those around her, and she aims to get Canterlot to lighten up a bit. However, she’s aware she needs to tone herself down for some ponies (rather, many ponies; it is Canterlot, after all) as she could easily overwhelm them and push them away rather than get a smile and some freaking overt joy. She can still go overboard, though, and easily not realize that she’s causing the problem, not Canterlot stuffiness and pride. Despite her stagefright, Merry still likes to participate in and start spontaneous musical numbers.

Current Home: Canterlot

Misc: Merry’s parents are hypocrites. They call Merry out for perpetuating thestral stereotypes, but their underhoofed and shifty ways are actually the greater thestral stereotype.

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I think that instead of going through each of these and giving individual approves, here's a batch approval file. o3o/)/) [] I'm passing through the lot of them.
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Very's Characters
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