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 Wild Card's characters

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Wild Card

Wild Card

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PostSubject: Wild Card's characters   Wild Card's characters I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2016 12:48 pm

Name: Wild Card

Race: Pegasus

Age: 24

Mane: Black and Red

Coat: Dark Blue

Cutie mark.: A single card, split diagonally, with one half showing the four of clubs, the other showing a joker

Distinguishing Features: Always wears his Top Hat and Suit

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Never loses card games

Weaknesses: Can be sidetracked quite easily by his other personalities, sanity is far less stable than the average pony, his personalities can gain control easily due to outside influence

Occupation: N/A

Gear: A black suit with a blue waistcoat and bow tie, a magic imbued top hat which can store anything inside it, an enchanted silver-tipped cane which can fire explosive energy orbs, hundreds of decks of cards (playing cards, fortune cards, fighting cards - bladed edges, smoke bombs etc), a special deck of runic cards that give him another personality.

History: Born in the Bitish Isles, Wild Card was the only child to a middle class Pegasi couple, and so he had a rather decent start in life. However, at the age of five Wild began to show signs of mental instability, and as such his parents were very worried. They met several child psychiatrists but sadly the only option to help the colt was to send him to an insane asylum, as they had exhausted all other options. Wild Card spent the next five years of his life being watched, recorded and educated in that asylum, and during this time his personalities appeared and grew. When Wild's calm personality appeared, he quickly gained assistance from the second personality to appear, Madness, and soon led the mind of Wild Card. With him in control, Wild now acted rather normal for the next few months, passing examinations and soon being allowed to leave the asylum with a certificate deeming him sane. Swiftly he was dragged back into a normal life, heading to school and growing up as any normal pony would, only that he had to keep his personalities a secret from everypony he met, which was difficult in the early stages of his life.
At the age of eighteen he decided that he would leave the Bitish Isles and travel across the world, heading to Equestria first after saying goodbye to his parents. He arrived in Manehatten, and was amazed at seeing the lights and size of the city itself. He was drawn to one sign in particular like a moth to a flame, and this sign was one which was above the entrance to a very large casino.
Wild had to quickly escape this casino half an hour later, now in possession of several thousand bits, a cutie mark, and an unofficial death sentence from many casino-goers who had just lost their money to him. With this new money he bought himself some more clothes, and used some of it for traveling as well. Where he traveled he gambled, and always won, often having to flee the establishment afterwards.
Upon arriving in a small town south of Las Pegasus he met with a zebra who, when Wild inevitably beat him in a card game, gave him his hat and a strange glowing purple deck, within which a runic parasite was held. Leaving the building and wondering why the zebra was smiling after he lost, Wild opened the deck and was subjected to a mental attack, which due to his many minds he was able to defend himself against. They then held the parasite prisoner in Wild's mind, but soon began to treat him as one of their own when they realised it could no longer pose a threat to them or Wild's body.
Wild now travels across Equestria and the rest of the world, buying things, winning money from places that have never heard of him before and generally trying out what the world has to offer.

Personality: Has several:
Gentle Card - Personality of Calm
Cheshire Card - Personality of Madness
Credit Card - Personality of Greed
Ace Card - Personality of Determination/Adventure
Psycho Card - Personality of Insanity
Trap Card - Personality of Cruelty
Beast Card - Personality of Anger
Blank Card - Personality of Sadness/Depression
Terror Card - Personality of Fear
Cupid Card - Personality of Love
Joyful Card - Personality of Happiness
Alu Card - Runic Personality

Current Home: Top accommodation in hotels and often stays around friend's houses

Misc: He's incredibly rich, even he doesn't know how much he has as he lost count after the first few million bits.
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Wild Card

Wild Card

Posts : 3
Join date : 2016-09-27
Age : 20

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PostSubject: Re: Wild Card's characters   Wild Card's characters I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2016 1:09 pm

Name: Project P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Version 9 (Alias: V9)

Race: Cybernetic Pony

Age: 3 years since creation

Mane: Chrome and metallic, normally kept short but can be changed.

Coat: Chrome and metallic, very smooth.

Cutie mark: None

Distinguishing Features: Even though it replicates a typical pony in shape, it lacks any orifice besides what could be considered ear canals. Its "eyes" are made to look identical to a normal pony's, though closer inspection will show wiring, metal and circuitry. The colour of the eyes is easily changed, and often used to show remaining energy levels to the outside world. It's also a robot, very distinguishing.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): has the ability to control technology around it. The more power it has, the more pieces of electronic technology it can affect and the easier it is to control more complex pieces of electronic technology. This is done through a mix of hacking and magic from its power source, thus the reason why more power allows it to do much greater things. It can also fuse with any technology it controls, adding the power from that to itself and storing the leftover metal and/or plastics for possible later use to repair itself, replace missing parts or even make new additions to its body, such as wings or a horn. Made of a metal alloy that is conductive, incredibly strong against blunt strikes, but can mold itself into any shape using inside electricity, leading to its body being able to be altered.

If hit with a strong electrical charge V9 will start to conduct the electricity, using it to overcharge itself leading to rapid regeneration, increased strength, magic (if it currently possesses a horn) and speed. It can also choose to continue conducting the electricity on itself, causing any physical contact to be electrified.

Weaknesses: Overcharging itself with too much power will give it incredible amounts of energy, but will start shorting out its circuitry eventually. Prolonged exposure to a powerful electrical attack will short-circuit V9 as well. If V9 does not have any reserves of metal/plastic, it won't be able to make any repairs to itself. Its power source can run out of energy if V9 doesn't come into contact with electricity or absorb a piece of electrical technology, and it can only last an average of about a week on full charge, something which it dislikes about itself but can't do much about. V9 can also never be hostile towards a living being, though it will retaliate in an attempted non-lethal manner if damaged.

Occupation: Originally held in a tech lab to assist with monitoring, controlling and building technology for various reasons - medical, research, luxury, curiosity.

Gear: Itself.

History: Project P.E.R.F.E.C.T. started out at a tech lab, at the northern base of the Foal Mountains, as a way to make the swiftly advancing technology of Equus more manageable and easily controlled by pony-kind. While many of the scientists, engineers and inventors worked in other sections of the lab to create new devices, a small team of like-minded individuals started this project and continued it within their spare time, keeping it secret for the duration of build until it was finally completed. V1, the first finished cybernetic pony was created after a long 2 year process and many late nights, but it was far from perfect as the head engineer stated, as it could not handle delicate tasks and was cumbersome, often knocking into things accidentally, but it was able to carry out tasks an Earth Pony could, albeit slowly.

V1 had several modifications happen to it during its life which added new programs, new directives and stopped it from breaking the tea cups, but ultimately the team desired a better helper, so work was started on creating V2, using V1 as a base. This new version was sleeker, more intelligent, and much more in control of its body, allowing it to finally handle delicate machinery and assist the scientists with their work with little chance of error. V1 was scrapped as it was no longer needed, but V2 saw use in the remains and, whenever it was not carrying out an order, it worked on another robot much like itself.

V3 was V2's personal idea of what it wanted to be. A stronger body, for when equipment fell on it (which had previously almost destroyed V2, but only managed to crush an arm), a more powerful processor and larger data storage, and the same AI system that was within both V1 and V2. V3 "awoke" and startled the Project P.E.R.F.E.C.T. team as they had never programmed V2 to make such a thing, but upon seeing its increased capabilities they kept both around. After all, one could still work while the other made tea.

V4 was a collaborative build between V2 and V3, and was the first to use a magical power source. It was overseen by the Project team however, as they were curious as to how the robots made more of themselves, and how they both seemed to know what needed to be done when making it. V4, like the previous versions, was another that was better than its predecessors, even though it required a unicorn to charge it up every now and then. Using chunks of its energy reserve, it could create small levitation fields much like a unicorn foal can, and this helped greatly when dealing with circuitry and precision based tasks.

V5 was the next creation, using the combined bodies of V2 and V3 while being made by V4. Another to use a magic battery, though this one was much more efficient and led to a smaller drain on power when using basic levitation. V4 and V5 working together led to many of the tech lab's other projects being completed months before estimated finish date, much to everypony's joy. But V5 saw flaws in V4 and itself, and as like the others it created another, but through more violent means. Tearing V4 apart using its magic, it set to work on the next robot in Project P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

V6, the first to be able to repair itself through converting other metals to match its own body's. V5 installed this feature specifically due to how it ended V4, as it wanted a robot who wouldn't let that happen to itself and could put up some resistance to outside attacks. So V6 was the robot that started to factor in defenses and ways to heal itself if ever it was injured. However, given that V6 was created primarily of V4's parts, it held a grudge against V5 and eventually dismantled that one in much the same way.

V7 was next to be built, and another innovation came along with this one too. In V6's search for self-regeneration, it found the answer in medicinal magic. Tampering with the design of the power source to allow it to charge using electrical energy as well as magical energy, V6 made it so V7 could draw metals and plastics into its body to use as repair materials. But after a large scale explosion within the lab, V7 and V6 were both nearly destroyed. However, V7 was able to draw in the remnants of V6's parts and use them to repair major damage, although it left it with little in the ways of aesthetics. After the lab was rebuilt and funerals had, V7 sought out to create a stronger counterpart instead of fully fixing itself.

V8, this time restricted by the scientists and thus having to remove the ability to draw in magical energies to power itself. This was due to the majority of engineers being unicorns, and rumours being spread about how the Project's robots could drain the life out of you. The team wanted to minimise fear and so took the step to order all later incarnations to leave out this feature. However V8 was superior to V7 in every way, this one being able to wirelessly control the technology around it, so no more need to either plug itself in or manually use external hardware to operate devices.

Finally, V9 was created, using the cumulative knowledge of all the previous versions to "perfect" itself for its duty. This version held the largest data storage, the most efficient battery to date, and all the previous versions' abilities. V9's special feature though, was its ability to morph its body to suit the needs of the order, be it wings to allow it to install something on the roof, or a horn to act as a conduit for magic safely. When V9 was made, and V8 subsequently absorbed and broken down, the Project P.E.R.F.E.C.T. team asked it what it would do in its spare time. It replied, "nothing". This confused the scientists as they were very much used to each version responding with, "Work towards becoming better" or variations of the sort, but V9 simply stated that it would not do anything if nothing was to be done.

A few years passed with V9 working, inventing and creating, but no new versions appeared anywhere in the lab and this worried the team, who believed V9 to be planning something far bigger and to be waiting for a chance to meet its end goal. But V9 was content in its environment, it believed itself to be near perfect and only made one or two modifications to itself if a new problem arose and only as far as the restrictions allowed it.

Then came the turning point, the lab was surpassed by another competitor and eventually lost funding. The scientists pleaded with V9 to make more of itself to possibly raise interest in the lab again and gain funding, but it refused with the reason of, "Nothing we can do will make a better us". It was of course taking restrictions into account, but it was also due to the traces of V2 left in the code that only created new versions because it saw itself as too flawed for possible modifications to correct. So with the lab gone, the old pony who started the Project requested a new order be carried out. He didn't want the final creation of his creation to be wasted after so many years, and knowing that V9 said it would do nothing meant that it would do just that, so he ordered V9 to "experience the world and the beings that live on it".

Personality: Is often curious about how the world works. Doesn't always understand emotions or the reason ponies act on them, and decisions made based off of them confuse it greatly. Will enter a "sleep mode" when left idle for some time, but movement or contact "wakes" it up.

Current Home: Is welcome at the homes of the scientists who worked on the Project, who live throughout Equestria.

Misc: P.E.R.F.E.C.T. stands for, Production of Equine Robotics For the Enigmatic Control of Technology. It communicates through text on monitors nearby or through a synthetic "voice" from audio transmitting devices. Can make a very, very nice cup of tea.
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Wild Card's characters
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