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 Jammex's characters

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PostSubject: Jammex's characters   Jammex's characters I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 4:29 pm

Name: Jammex
Race: Earth Pony
Mane: orange Mohawk with yellow tips
Coat: orange
Distinguishing features:Pale blue eyes, often wears a monocle, no reason, he just thinks it looks funny.
Cutie Mark: A bomb

Specialties: Well versed in the use of most pyrotechnics. Though he can also bake a real nice cake.

Weaknesses: Jammex can be overly trusting at times and this often leaves him hurt and/or extremely angry when that trust is betrayed. He also has a tendency to be distracted easily when engaging in repetitive or tedious activities.

Occupation: Pyrotechnician, often works making fireworks or mining explosives such as dynamite. He also delivers his products to the clients himself, meaning he spends a lot of time traveling.

History: Jammex was born in Manehattan, his parents ran a bakery in the city. Jammex spent the first few years of his life being taught his family trade by his parents, however the young Colt eventually fell into a deep depression when, despite becoming a skilled baker after years of practice his cutie mark didn't appear.

Over the the course of the next 3 years Jammex tried his hoof at everything he could possibly think of to make his cutie mark appear. Until one day, Jammex snuck into the chemistry lab at school after hours. After setting up some basic equipment, he grabbed two jarss at random,they contained iron oxide and aluminium strips. Jammex put some iron oxide and an aluminium strip in a flask he had set on the table. Then threw a match in the flask, quickly followed by a strip of magnesium . For recently, Jammex learnt that iron oxide and aluminium,when exposed to high heat, such as that from a burning piece of magnesium.... Makes thermite.

The ensuing fire ball burned through the flask, the table and then burnt a sizeable hole in the laboratory floor before finally dying down. After Jammex lowered the hoof that protected his eyes from the bright fireball, he looked back and saw something that, for a brief time, made him feel as if all his problems in the world were gone. A bomb, but not just any bomb... His cutie mark.

After being expelled from school for destroying school equipment, Jammex threw himself into the study of explosives, now, at the age of 26, he has become a relatively well known and respected Pyrotechnician in Equestria, with plenty of orders for his products coming in from all over, though he baking has remained a personal hobby throughout his adult life.

Personality: Jammex is friendly to most of those whom he encounters and prefers to spend time with friends, whether it be out and about, or at home playing video games. He may not be there to help you with that assignment, but you can count on him when it counts I.e. To help you when you're feeling your worst or stuck in the woods with no way home. He can also be fiercely loyal to his friends, even if it hinders him.

Residence: Usually Canterlot or certain small mining towns in the desert where his services are often called upon, though his permanent residence is in Ponyville.

Gear: various fireworks and dynamite.
Misc: he is bisexual.

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PostSubject: Re: Jammex's characters   Jammex's characters I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 4:29 pm

Name: Buzz Saw
Race: Earth Pony
Mane: light grey with dark grey tips (Kind of a spiked crew cut style)
coat: Crimson (longer around the chest)
Cutie mark: Circular saw
Distinguishing features: Left ear has the top half missing, blue eyes.
Specialty: Having spent most of his life living in or around the Everfree forest as a lumberjack, Buzz Saw is significantly stronger and tougher than most other ponies and an intimate knowledge of the forest and it's inhabitants. He has also developed the knowledge as to which plants (and animals) can prove useful or edible and which can be harmful, even deadly, to the consumer.
Weaknesses: Living alone in the woods for most of his life has left Buzz Saw mostly unaware of the outside world and so he can quite naive at times when being in the know could make the difference between life and death. he can also become quite uncomfortable in large crowds or similar social situations due to his lack of interaction with others.

Occupation: Former Lumberjack turned drifter. Often does odd jobs when he isn't wandering the wastes.

Gear: various Medicinal herbs, his Splitting Axe "Anarchy".
History: Born to a pair of wandering Traders, most of Buzz Saw's early life was spent travelling around the Equestrian Wasteland. The caravan he was born into sold a variety of items, however the commodity which they had in excess was firewood and timber, which they often sold to smaller settlements to keep themselves warm or as materials for new buildings. They didn't rake in caps but had more than enough to survive and buy more stock for their business. All was good, or at least, as good as one could hope for things to be in the Wasteland.

However, after 10 years of living a relatively simple life, the caravan was nearing the end of a routine journey between New Appleloosa and Old Appleloosa & disaster struck. Raiders from Ponyville viciously attacked the caravan, Buzz Saw's parents, along with most of the others in the caravan, were killed in the ensuing battle, Buzz Saw fled into the Everfree Forest as the Raiders slaughtered those whom he had known since birth, taking only his Father's splitting axe. The young Colt fled deep into the forest, until the sounds of screams and gunfire faded, now with no food, no medicine and no hope. Buzz Saw was alone in the Everfree Forest...

Many years passed, and to the ponies of the Wasteland the Everfree forest remained silent, but one day, a lone Stallion with a blood red coat emerged from the forest, Buzz Saw, now a full grown stallion, entered the Wasteland once more, for now he wanders, searching, for what? Riches? A family? A chance for revenge? That, even Buzz Saw does not know.

Personality: Makes the most of his situation, no matter how dire. Buzz Saw believes in what many know as "Wasteland Justice" killing raiders and similar individuals on sight unless they outmatch him by a large margin. He is quite quick to anger, when he isn't on a job, he's drinking, and when he ain't drinking, he's fighting. Those who come to know him will soon realise that he is willing to take a bullet for those whom he cares for
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PostSubject: Re: Jammex's characters   Jammex's characters I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 5:10 pm

Name:Valkyrie Or "'Kyrie"

Race: Griffon

Age: 23

Feathers: White

Coat: Black

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: 135cm (approximately 4'5) high. Weighs 50kg ( approximately 111lbs ).

Distinguishing Features: Green Eyes, has plenty of battle scars on and around her face and more than a few bruises. She has a mechanical left foreleg with razor sharp, retractable steel talons. Her beak is black like her coat and covered in little scratches and has a chip in it.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Let's just say picking a fight with this griff is a baaaaad idea. Valkyrie has gained a basic knowledge of mechanics from having to maintain her prosthetic talon/foreleg/whatever.

Weaknesses: Valkyrie is addicted to morphine and she drinks and smokes a lot. She also has the tendency to use excessive force in certain situations.

Occupation: Mercenary.

Gear: 2 custom 9mm 1911 handguns (Muzzle brakes, glow sights, extended magazines & one has a taclight), Sawed off 12 gauge double barreled shotgun w/ reflex sight (she calls it Mr. 12 Gauge), a machete with a black blade for better concealment in darkness and a lot of combat drugs & morphine/Med-X depending on the setting. A set of biker/road leathers with improvised armour plating used to protect vital areas and of course plenty of pockets and a bandolier to store ammo.

History: Valkyrie was born in Manehatten and spent her childhood living a rather comfortable life with her parents who owned a fairly successful café in the area. Eventually Valkyrie reached the rebellious phase that many go through in their years, that's where things went wrong.

Valkyrie ended up taking up many bad habits, excessive and smoking being the most tame out of all of them. As she spiralled deeper and deeper into her various addictions she became well known as a troublemaker and a junkie who often got into fights. Many of those who lived in the area avoided her and her parents' café and so in order to prevent her reputation and bad habits from ruining her family; Valkyrie ran away from home at the age of 15.

After a couple of years wandering the land Valkyrie's habits finally got the better of her as she found herself laying in a ditch dying from a combination of an overdose and a nasty infection in one of her talons that had gone untreated. Valkyrie lost consciousness but woke up a few weeks later in the base of a mercenary company that had found her in the ditch and saved her life though in the end they amputated the infected limb. The mercenaries offered to give her a prosthetic limb but on the condition that she joined their ranks. Valkyrie, having no place else to go, accepted the offer almost immediately.

In the years since she became a mercenary Valkyrie has managed to ween herself off of most of the drugs she was addicted to before but morphine, drinking and smoking remain as problems she has yet to deal with. She has also become a deadly fighter and though she normally works alone, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Personality: Valkyrie knows how to have a good time, she knows where to go and what to do to have fun in pretty much any given location (mostly the bars) and likes to show her friends and Acquaintances a fun time. Despite being unpredictable and often quick to resort to violence when pushed Valkyrie will rush to the aid of a friend in need under most circumstances.

Current Home: Wherever the bar is. (None)
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PostSubject: Re: Jammex's characters   Jammex's characters I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 5:11 pm

Name: Stetson Trilby

Race: Unicorn

Age: 21

Mane: Long, messy, and a very dark brown colour.

Coat: White

Cutie mark: A sparkling trilby of course. o3o

Distinguishing features: A little shorter than average. Has a particularly pointy horn. Almost always wearing some kind of hat.

Specialty: Alteration magic. Specifically she can turn herself into a hat and back again at will. The hats become damaged if she if injured and the damage becomes more apparent as said injuries become more severe.

Weakness: Her only magical ability is to turn into a hat.

Occupation: Stetson owns a hat shop in Ponyville. She feels at home among her own kind.

Gear: Saddlebags full of various hats that she "rescued".

Backstory: Stetson Trilby was born and raised in Ponyville where she had a hard time honing her magical skills. The problem being that, despite the facts she is a unicorn... she didn't seem to have any. Every spell she tried seemed to just fizzle and fail until one day where she read about a spell that could alter someone's physical form. After spending a few moments of preparing herself Stetson attempted to cast the spell. Her horn sparkled for a moment before she was enveloped in a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared Stetson seemed to have disappeared; leaving nothing but a dusty bowler hat behind. A few seconds of silence went by before muffled cries of triumph could be heard coming from the hat before it changed back into Stetson in another puff of smoke, her cries becoming much louder as she assumed her original form. The event also gave her the sparkling trilby cutie mark.

The fact that the spell only see,ed to allow her to turn into different forms of headwear didn't bother Stetson at all. Before she knew it she was obsessed with hats and when she was 20 she opened a small shop in her hometown where she sold hats of all shapes and sizes for everypony to enjoy and in her spare time she often wanders the local area looking for abandoned hats to "rescue". With countless hats and the business she'd wanted she discovered her unusual ability. Stetson has never been happier.

Personality: Stetson loves hats and will often pick up any she finds abandoned on her travels to either sell at her shop or keep for herself. She's normally really happy to meet someone new and likes spending time with her friends... and giving them hats.

Current home: Ponyville
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PostSubject: Re: Jammex's characters   Jammex's characters I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 5:12 pm

Name: Salem Sunrise
Race: Unicorn
Gender: male
Age: 23
Mane: Black
Coat: Light grey
Cutie Mark: A set of gallows with a surprisingly nice sunrise in the background.
Extra details: Light blue eyes
Distinguishing features: Dresses like a witch hunter from Warhammer.
Specialty: Investigation and deduction. Hunting undead and such. Also coming up with ridiculous plans that somehow work.
Weaknesses: pickup lines and his paranoia though the latter can also be considered a strength in his line of work.
Occupation: Witch Hunter / Inquisitor
Gear: A lot of holy water, a crossbow and a sickle.
Backstory: Salem Sunrise was the third born son of a minor noble family in Canterlot. His Childhood and that of his two brothers was largely uneventful.

When he was 18 Salem went with his uncle to become a Witch Hunter. Being trained how to root out treachery and corruption wherever it can be found along with how to dispatch many of the fierce creatures that roam Equestria. After his training was finished he headed for home but only found madness. Under their ancestral home Salem found his family creating undead, consorting with demons and performing blood sacrifices on their servants.

Salem fled before returning with his uncle to destroy the corruption that had taken root in his home. Killing his brothers and both of his parents in the process. They also rescued Burlap, the only survivor of the family's servants, before leaving and burning the place to the ground.

Now Salem Sunrise travels across Equestria with Burlap as his "companion" (he just carries the luggage and drinks really), purging any and all evil they can find.

Personality: As previously mentioned Salem is rather paranoid, always assuming that everyone is out to get him and that what can go wrong will go wrong. As such he is normally prepared for any situation he is likely to come across and plans for the event of any betrayal. Despite his paranoia Salem is capable of being friendly if he wants or needs to be (or he can be super snarky).
Current home: nowhere permanent, just wherever he feels he needs to be.
Misc: Travels with a scruffy earth pony called Burlap
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PostSubject: Re: Jammex's characters   Jammex's characters I_icon_minitime

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Jammex's characters
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