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 Heartstring's Characters

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PostSubject: Heartstring's Characters   Heartstring's Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 2:36 pm

Heartstring's Characters Heartop2_zps56d14bf2
- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Heart String
Race: Unicorn
Age: 18

- - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Mane: Sky blue with raspberry red highlights
Coat: raspberry red, short hair.
Tail: Raspberry red with sky blue highlights.

Cutie mark: A golden Heart shapes Lyre with three little mini-heart shaped lyre's floating around the large Main lyre.

Distinguishing Features:The tribal markings upon his face which are colored in a sky blue color, plus the scars, on his legs and hips, which are also colored in with sky blue coloring.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Current Home: Currently he doesn't have a home and wanders around Equestria and sleeps outside, or in caves, really anywhere he can rest.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
» Occupation: Wandering Storyteller

» Personality: Heart String is a gentle colt. He does have his aggressive side, but that rarely ever appears. He tends to go the route of "treat others as you wish to be treated". He's very respectful when speaking to others, but he isn't one to allow him or others to be trampled over.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

» // Basic Unicorn Magic
-  Taught to him by his father before Heart String left home, he learned basic survival spells that would assist him to living outside. (Think of it like a Swiss army knife)
» // Small Scale Weather magic:
- Due to his mother’s teacher, Heart String is capable of small scale weather magic which only effects his immediate location [Radius of 30ft]
» //Levitation
» // Fire
- A low flame created, by use of unicorn powers, to create intense friction, which causes objects to set a flame. [Can create a small (baseball sized) fireball]
» // Teleportation
- Short distance teleportation. [10 feet]
» // Shield
- Creating an aura around him to protect against external forces. [If hit against with a powerful strike, whether physical of magical, the shield will break.]

Special Abilities
» // Heart String's unique special skill is his ability to be able to make another feel emotions through his words. Many of Heart Strings spells are related to his unique special skill of emotions.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Born in Manehatten Heart String has only spent a little bit of his life there. He was quite happy with his family and loved them so much, but there was this undeniable sadness that was within him. He knew that he didn't belong there, not that he was being troubled or anything, but it just didn't feel right for him to stay there. As a little foal Heart String stuck close to his parents and was quite shy and didn't interact much if at all with other ponies his age. Though as he grew older he began to gain confidence and began to wander Manehatten.

  His wanderings around the city were soon to be discovered that he was really trying to find something there that he would enjoy. Something that would help him feel like he belonged, it wasn't long though before Heart String began his attempts to his parents to allow for him to leave Manehatten. Constantly telling them "I need to leave something out there is calling me." It took him a long while before his parents finally caved in and allowed for him to leave. Since he left Manehatten he had been wandering around Equestria, finding places to sleep where he could.

  He learned a lot from his father in the ways of magic and the knowledge of weather from his mother so he'd at least was prepared mentally. Though no matter what they could have taught him nothing could have prepared him for the many adventures he had throughout Equestria. It's been about two years since he left home. He'd occasionally send messages back home to his parents to keep them from worrying so much. Unfortunately for him, he's a late bloomer, even though being a grown colt, he still doesn't have a cutie mark, publicly he doesn't show that it bothers him, but like any pony deep down inside he knew it upset him a lot.
   It took him quite a long time before he finally discovered what his true talent was and that was storytelling, with how he was able to sway the emotions of his listens through the words he spoke of the adventures he'd taken or even the fairy tails he'd make up in order to entertain little fillies he'd meet on his adventures. To this day he continues to wander Equestria simply to bring joy to the life of another.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

» //Physical strength isn't his best suite, while he is more physically fit than most Unicorn's, hewould still lose in a physical battle against an Earth Pony.
» // He needs to know where the object is in order to affect it with his magic.
» //In order to undo something he has done he needs to be able to see it and concentrate.
» //In order to do large-scale magic’s he needs an intense concentration in order to perform correctly.
» //Hitting his horn is one method of immediately stopping whatever spell is in current use from properly functioning.
» // He cannot do spells he has no previous knowledge of, in order for him to know new spells he has to learn it or have the spell read off of a paper, book, parchment, etc. in order for it to work

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

» // A colorful hairpiece tied into his mane, which consists of a lime green flower with a rainbow colored dyed ribbon attached to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Heartstring's Characters   Heartstring's Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 2:37 pm

Name: Serene Catastrophe
Race: Pegasus
Age: 20
Heartstring's Characters PonyWithBackground_zps026d3282
Mane: Midnight blue with dark purple highlights.
Coat: Midnight blue with a dark purple gradient on her legs.
Cutie mark: (currently doesn’t have a cutie mark) It is a atom, where a hurricane would act as it’s nucleus, and the obit lines (the orbit which protons and electrons float around the nucleus), are streaked lines of stars surrounding it.  

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Due to her fear of interaction and staying inside most of her life, she hadn’t had a chance to acquire her cutie mark. She wear’s bangles on her upper legs, a gift given to her from her late mother; Midnight Dream

Distinguishing Features: Aside from no cutie mark. It’s her color scheme being so different from everyone else, which on average is much brighter and more saturated.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): As a Pegasus she is capable of walking on clouds. Manipulating weather through physical actions. When flying at extreme speeds, she leaves a trail of bright “stars” which fade after a few seconds.

Weaknesses: She is not very good at flying to fast, or maneuvering to well due to always keeping inside for years.
She is xenophobic in the sense that she is afraid of other ponies that isn’t herself or her father; Day Dream

Occupation: She currently doesn’t have a job, if she if she did she would work in the Weather department in the Storm Tamer’s division.
Gear: She owns a set of Midnight blue bangle’s that were once her mothers.

History: Serene Catastrophe, in the reason that her parents had given, is supposed to mean “one that quells the storm”. It was on the very night of her birth that there was a horrid and tragic natural storm that was far too dangerous to be handled by the Pegasi, so in the meantime they had to evacuate everyone from Cloudsdale. While on that very same night Midnight Dream was going to have birth. Unfortunately it became impossible to move Midnight Dream as the baby wanted to come out. So in order to go through the birthing process they needed to somehow keep the storm at bay.

Day Dream, being the proud husband that he is, took a great and dangerous risk and headed out into the storm. It was extremely dangerous and he wasn’t able to convince anyone to willingly join him, but he went out anyway. If he was able to do anything to make sure his family survives he was willing to put his life on the line. Through his action’s alone he managed to convince other Pegasi to help him. They managed to hold back the storm long enough and weaken it enough that when Midnight Dream had finally given birth the storm had dissipated. Day Dream had came back injured with his rag tag group of impromptu team, not only did they save Cloudsdale from massive destruction, but Day dream wasn’t in it to save the city his job was to save his family, which he did.

As Serene grew up other foals at school teased her because of her color, even targeting her for her name Catastrophe and blamed her for things that she didn’t partake in. The teasing got bad that one-day when another terrible storm was starting to brew. Foals her age took her to the area where the storm was supposed to take place just as it was starting to take shape and threw her in there telling her to ‘go join other catastrophe’s like her’.

In this point of her life, the storm itself, which had started to brew quickly, had terrified the little filly with all the thunder around her and the lighting crackling between the clouds. Luckily when this happened her Mom had been searching for her desperately to make sure her daughter was okay. Upon her search she found her daughter in the middle of some lighting clouds. Serene was struck by lighting in her attempts to escape and was free falling. Midnight Dream rescued her daughter, but during her rescue Midnight suffered a lot of damages from lighting strikes. Managing to get her daughter to safety, Serene woke up in the hospital with Day Dream next to her. Serene had awoken to unfortunate news, her Mother, had passed away. The amount of damage she had suffered flying through that storm was far too severe and she had passed away.

Since then Serene, heartbroken, had developed a fear of all other ponies around her. Terrorized, still, by that very night that she was thrown into that storm and her mother dying, she became scared of the world around her, particularly when dealing with other ponies. It was gradual but she soon found herself unable to even leave home without her Dad without breaking into uncontrollable tremble and screams.
Personality: Serene has been tragically scarred her whole life because of the incident when she was thrown into a storm that caused her mothers death, so she’s very skittish and reserved. She is very sweet and caring, but is fearful of other ponies.

Current Home: Ponyville
Misc.: Five years after Serene’s mother’s death, Day Dream and Serene moved to Ponyville.
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PostSubject: Re: Heartstring's Characters   Heartstring's Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 2:38 pm

Name: Kimi 'Hebi' Seishou
Race: Seishou pony
    The Seishou is a clan that has never pertained to any sort of ninja village. The clan is known for their absolute, from birth, control of chakra and being known to harness a superior control of chakra greater then that of any other shinobi. The clan specializes in the usage of special chakras that is hard to harness by normal shinobi.
The Seishou have a special ability known as Chakra evolution. As most individuals are capable of using specific types of chakras the Seishou have the ability to cause their chakra to evolve into a greater stage. This greater stage of chakra type replaces the old chakras.
Age: 22
Heartstring's Characters Kimi5_zps835d2f0b
Mane: Black
Coat: White
Cutie mark.: A blooming violet lotus

Distinguishing Features: The tattoo's upon her body pertaining towards various types of summoning’s ranging from holding items to summoning creatures from another plane to use.

Specialty: Kimi over her years of being a shinobi she has accumulated a massive library of techniques.

Gate Valve: Due to popping up in Equestria because of the experimentation her access to her chakra has been severely hindered as the effects of the chakra use from her world is so different from the magic used in Equestria that it doesn't harmonize. So it takes her a little more difficult than normal to use her chakra properly.

Weaknesses: Her two children, Kimberly and Tetsu Seishou, can be used against her as they are her whole world. Has a fear of dying prematurely and Loneliness.
Occupation: Village Leader, Shinobi, Mother, and Teacher


  • Village Headband: Garasu headband, Scratched out Konoha headband.
  • Ninja tools: katana, ninja claws, triple bladed-scythe, Shuriken Holster with shurikens, Kunai Pouch with kunai
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Scrolls: two Village scrolls and Special weapon scroll
  • Medical tools and items
  • Guqin - Guqin is the modern name for a plucked seven string Chinese musical instrument. It's nothing more than a musical instrument. With seven string's and it's length is about 5 feet. It's appearance is that below. The purpose of the Guqin is to be used specifically for the Deadly Melody Skill, where it can make it more refined and focused, that it's power increases.

History: Being born into the Seishou clan meant one things, the moment you were able to walk and comprehend you were put to training. Kimi had two loving and wonderful parent's, while they were tough on her with training, they took very good care of her for the time that they were alive. It was around the age of five when it had happened and her parents were killed when they were out on a mission. Kimi lived in a village called Konoha, it was located in the middle of a massive forest that covered most, if not all, the continent. She had been cared for by the head of the village and provided for. Upon coming of age she had joined into the ninja academy, as is tradition for shinobi's, and spent the next few years there. Enduring new experiences such as dealing with others, and even dealing with bullying, though when graduation occurred, which is promptly when the students, typically, turn 12. She joined a cell comprised of two others; Hinata and Daisuke and their team leader; Datorru and was finally given her headband  which officially signified her as a shinobi of the village.

    For the next few months many mission's would be done; team building, trainings, more studies into various thing's that didn't include ninja techniques. During this time Kimi had begun to feel inadequate compared to her teammates and seeked to gain power in order to help them, but because of her naivety, she seeked out somepony else for more power.  Seeking this person was probably one of the biggest mistakes she had ever made. she began pupil to a criminal known as Orochimaru and continued under his tutelage for many months. Going through hellish training and experimentation's forced upon her while she learned from Orochimaru. One night she escaped from his clutches upon overhearing a conversation Orochimaru had with Kabuto about using her as his next host.

    She returned back to Konoha only to have a not-so-happy welcome from her ex teammates which caused her to leave once again. Many month's would pass by and several battles ensues to keep from returning back home, eventually she had managed to successfully fake her death in order to have freedom. she wandered the world traveling from country to country making sure to keep a low profile in her attempts to not get found out by another shinobi. She had gotten caught by a jounin of an allied village to Konoha. Though, in her fear, she managed to strike a deal with her captor to not turn her in and since then thing's had just went downhill for the young shinobi pony.

    Sexual abuse, slavery, drug addiction, near neath experiences all of which happened over the time she was with Inuzuka Koji. After his demise, she left and wandered the lands again, now, looking for a place to settle down. It was about a year now and she had become pretty well known amongst the criminal's as "The Monster" and was even scouted out to join a group called the "Nishoku" who were comprised of criminal's who ironically held a strong sense of justice and tried to fight against the evil powers that tried to ruled the villages through underhanded and deceptive means. Though the effort was valiant things didn't work out that way and only made things worse.

    she had fallen in love at this time as well and had gotten pregnant. During this time as well she had gotten funding and made a deal with another country south of Konoha and started her own village. thing's had appeared to be going to well until she was called out on a mission for the nishoku and it was to begin battle against the greater evil, Akatsuki, and she headed for Suna where she did battle with Sasori of the red sand's along with a group of other shinobi's, who were also sent to do the same. Her battle with Sasori ended with the death of the dangerous criminal, but around the world where her teammates had been. They were being killed off one by one.

    When thing's had appeared to have been going well, it had gotten worse for her. Her teammates had been killed off, and most were captured and imprisoned. The love of her life and the father, who was the host of the two tail demon nekomata, of her children had committed suicide and blamed her for all of his problems. This led to several months of depression and even her own attempts at suicide, which had been prevents by her faithful follower, Yasmin Kaguya. After getting over the death of the one person she loved, she gave birth to two beautiful fillies. Not long after this did Kimi go into hiding along with her village and for several year's Kimi and her village did their business in complete secrecy.

    When they finally emerged they began their dealing's with other villages and created allegiances to keep peace and to battle against the Akatsuki that was slowly trying to take over the villages. In the next couple of years, Kimi had been out on several political missions and even participated in several events which required the participation of all other villages. She's met with god's and received their blessings. She's dealt with spirits and demon's. She became respected as a village leader being so young when she first took the mantle others thought it was a joke, but she pulled through and managed to prove that she was capable of handling it.

    Even learning an entirely new tier of ninjutsu when she created had become known to others and she was not only respected, but greatly feared as well. Orochimaru had caught wind of her location and Kimi had also found out that she was being hunted down by him, and while she was quite the powerful pony with very little to fear, she was still afraid of him. Though she did what she could to prevent herself from being found by Orochimaru, but it didn't turn out as well as she had wanted to as Orochimaru and the akatsuki had attacked her village. She had wanted to run from her fear, but she had to stay and battle as it was her responsibility. Her village was utterly decimated after a raging battle. Many of her shinobi's died that night. Orochimaru had been killed and the other akatsuki that had attacked the village.

    The village had been rebuilt and a Kimi went back to her duties. It was during an experimentation that she was performing on trying to teleport with mirrors, where an accident occurred and she had found herself in Equestria.

Personality: Kimi Seishou is a misunderstood pony, who has been through many tragedies. Underneath her serious demeanor is a gentle and kind and very loving spirit. Due to her life as a shinobi, she learned to keep her trust to very, very few ponies, but she is sensible and merciful lest her wrath is incurred.
Current Home: Hayseed Swamp
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PostSubject: Re: Heartstring's Characters   Heartstring's Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 2:40 pm

Heartstring's Characters WickedHeart_zpsyglpjlt7
Name: Wicked Heart
Race: Amorphous Cursed Earth Pony
Age: 900
Mane: Dark Violet with white highlights
Coat: Sinful Green
Cutie mark.: XXX
Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: incapable of having children
Distinguishing Features: constant glowing symbols
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Free morphic shapeshifting. Immortality, Eternal Youth
Weaknesses: Without a constant supply of 'life' she will enter into a dormant state. Life meaning pieces of others soul, or bodily fluids, semen, etc. [essentially no one needs to die for her to get 'life' to keep her out of her dormant state]
Occupation: Call-to-Order Professional Erotic Escort Mare.
Gear: None
History: Originally Wicked Heart was apart of a dark cult that worshipped an unknown god that had been infamously known to be the deity spirit of carnal pleasures. She was not a nice person, and selfishly did things for her own gain and in the name of this deity spirit. She would manipulate and do whatever she could for her own gain. She came from a poor family, and eventually resorted to selling her body to get the bits she needed to survive. Overtime it provided her with a lot of what she needed, and she constantly thanked this deity spirit. Upon her passing her twenty fifth year, she joined her cult in a ritual that was to thank their lord and master. This carnal filled ritual succeeded in that it cursed Wicked Heart into an eternity of worship, her body constantly covered in glowing markings, which gave her immortality, inhumane regenerative powers and the ability to morph her body to whatever she pleased. At first it was thought that it killed her due to her inability to control the power as her lack of focus would actually cause her to liquify. Eventually as she gained control of this power she was able to restore her original appearance. With time passing she'd learn of her immortality at how she constantly kept her same appearance while everyone around her aged and died.

For a time it had driven her mad, to time's she'd purposely tried to kill herself off, but it's only resulted in a mountain of pain, and quick recovery. From blades, to falling, to hanging, to even poison, nothing worked. After the first couple centuries she'd come to accept her fate and and it was around her 250 year where she had come to learn of her dormant state. she was in a dormant state, and she she did she turned into stone. When she next awoken, it was completely by accident where a pony had spit onto what he thought was a statue. Which this 'life' the very little energy she gotten from the spit awakened her and left her with this craving. She soon after this come to realize this curse she had gotten, was the blessing of her deity she worshiped.

she come to return to her old ways of manipulating others for her own selfish gains, eventually she come to live in Canterlot and open her own Escort Service and caters to all kinds of ponies and non-ponies alike to all stretches of Equestria.
Personality: Manipulative, egotistical, and Selfish
Current Home:Canterlot
Misc: Sexy times only pony.
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PostSubject: Re: Heartstring's Characters   Heartstring's Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 2:43 pm

Name: Ambr Osia

Race: Changeling

Age: 27

Mane: mid-length white

Coat: Black Carapace with, a red with white spotted, chitinous plating over her mid section

Disguised: Ambr like’s to take the appearance of a earth pony mare she had met years ago. Coat of caramel, mane and tail of fresh red apples, with a cutie mark of several golden droplets of honey.
Heartstring's Characters Ambrosia2disguise_zps65bede9e 
^disguised appearance

Cutie mark.: None, as changeling’s don’t have cutie marks.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: In her original form, the sensitive spots on her body are bioluminescent and glow an amber color like her eyes. She also has a self-defense mechanism in which she releases a noxious pheromone to keep dangers away.

Distinguishing Features: The sclera and the iris are both amber, the iris is a stronger saturation of amber, while the sclera part is lighter. (Similar to how Queen Chrysalis’s eyes are just in amber.)

Specialty: 1. Changeling racial abilities

2. Acute Empathy-sensors: Far more than a normal changeling, she is capable of feeling and understanding the emotions of beings around her.

3. Unique skill: Empathy Injection: She is capable of injecting the emotion’s she feed’s off of and transfer them into other things.

4. Unique skill: Pheromonic Empathy: As a self-defense mechanism, she is capable of releasing pheromones to dissuade predators from coming close to her. Though this ability she’s capable of transforming the emotions she absorbed and release them out as pheromones providing different effect’s depending on the emotion used.

Weaknesses: The longer she doesn’t feed the weaker her power becomes and the stronger her self-defense mechanism is.

Occupation: Chef de cuisine
Gear: Customized Mother of pearl handle Chef Master’s attaché case set (set of 26) Based on this, Chef’s attire with the ever so lovely ‘Love thy Chef’ apron.

History: she was a rare case in which she was born outside the hive, purely on accident when the hive was moving from one area to another. She had been found on the outskirts of some forest near Hollow Shades, discovered by a earth pony mare who went by the name Honey Drip. She was a sweet and loving pony, but she lived on her own after her husband had died several years back. Honey Drip didn’t have foals either because years back she had found out that she was incapable of bearing foals, which brings us around to when she found Ambr Osia.

Honey found what looked to be an unnaturally large egg, which was Ambr Osia, and she took it home and cared for it. Honey had been warned about bringing in strange things and told many times to get rid of ‘it’, but honey cared for and raised the hatchling changeling. As many had told her that such creatures were evil and only brought harm, but she heeded them no mind and took care of the changeling herself believing that nothing was born inherently evil and that if she was taught the difference between what was ‘good’ and what was ‘bad’ then this changeling wouldn’t turn out like the rest of them.

For years she took care of Ambr Osia, raised her as if she were her own daughter and loved her just like one. Over the years they’ve gone through many surprises and scares. Honey Drip did her best to care and raise the changeling like her own until time came for Ambr Osia to live out her own life. Ambr Osia went through many up’s and down’s living in a pony society as a changeling and found it was easier to live amongst them when they thought she was one of them, so many times she’d transform into younger version’s of Honey Drip. Though within the small village of Hollow Shades everyone knew what she really was, though they still kept their distance from her, she really did have an easier time fitting in. It took her many years before she finally made a few friends.
Eventually she had come to discover cooking and her love of cooking and went to school for it. She went and studied abroad traveling outside Equestria, under the appearance of Honey Drip, but she still used her own name. She had left at the age of 14 and was in school for 4 years before she graduated at the top of her class at the Culinary Institute of Griffonia.

She completely missed the whole Queen Chrysalis incident and was back in Equestria about two years later. To which we come to present day, where she started her own restaurant named “Cielo de Amor” (which means The sky of Love in Spanish), which is located up in the Smokey Mountain’s. She lives rather comfortable up there and her restaurant eventually became famously known because of it’s difficult to reach location and it’s spectacular view of Equestria. On top of that while the food is quite cheap, it’s extremely tasty, some speculate that it’s quite addictive because of it’s unique flavor found no where else, and the staff are incredibly friendly.

Her favorite motto, which she also uses as the motto of her restaurant is Love thy Chef.  

Personality: In three simple words; Strong, Happy, and Hopeful. She’s has been described as such over her years at culinary school, always keeping her head high and smiling at others while pushing towards a bright and loving future.

Current Home: Smokey Mountains

Misc: her specialty dish is called Ambrosia named after the food/drink of the gods. It doesn’t bring immortality, but according to those that have tasted it, it brings back the most happiest of memories and leaves you feeling fulfilled and happy and warm to the bone.
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Heartstring's Characters
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