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 Nubkherekh's Character(s)

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Nubkherekh Sekhetaruk

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PostSubject: Nubkherekh's Character(s)    Nubkherekh's Character(s)  I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2016 12:37 am

(Work in Progress)

Name: Hero Atlas (Prefers to be called Jack)

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 40 (Appears as if he was 30)

Mane: Dark brown with a grey streak up the left side; appears neat and styled Professionally. It is around 7cm long in length.

Coat: Light brown

Cutie Mark: Is a yellow circle with the letter 'H' in the middle of it and two Axes crossed behind it.

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: His right eye is blue whereas his left eye is green.   

Distinguishing Features: He is a larger than normal stallion with a brutish appearance making him appear very intimidating.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): He is super strong, being able to lift things several times his own weight. Although it has never been recorded as to how much he can carry. Can also build/make anything if provided the right materials.

Weaknesses: Isn't very good with the Mares.   

Occupation: Lumberjack (Owns a one pony business)

Gear: A large Steel axe.


Personality: Hero Atlas is a very goal and moral driven pony, and prefers have the satisfaction of doing something for himself instead of having others do things for him. This may not include all things but some things he believes he has to do for himself. He is a relatively kind pony and has a big heart, although this is also mirrored by the fact that it's hard for him to come to trust other ponies. He usually hides his real personality underneath a grizzled and heartless persona as to try and stop others from getting close to him. He may not be the smartest pony to ever live but he definitely knows quite a bit about life. The most defining part of his personality is that he is very inspiring and is easily able to boost the moral and spirit of others.

Current Home: Lives alone and secluded far West of ponyville in the undiscovered region. He lives in a house he made with his own bare hooves with a garden, a river stream, and a small Forge made of stone. He provides for himself most the time as to not have to take trips inland around all the crowded areas. Although most the time when does go into towns it's to get bits for delivering wood and other small things he gets bits for.  

Misc: Always has nightmares when he goes to sleep.
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Nubkherekh's Character(s)
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