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 Character Template & Rules

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PostSubject: Character Template & Rules   Character Template & Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 3:31 pm

So, first the rules:

1. Characters that are moved from one universe (including story universe, headcanons, TV shows, etc) need to have a thorough explaination of where they came from and how they got to the destination universe. Preferably, this should be placed in the "History" section.

2. Character histories must explain all major elements of a character. If they have an unusual power, or artifact, or some other characteristic that deviates from the norm, it has to be explained with the detail of explanation scaling to how unusual the characteristic is. If your character is the secret daughter of an existing canon's major characters (not that this would ever be allowed anyway, just using this as an example) you'd need far more detail and explanation than them having a birthmark that's a perfect miniature map of the New York subway routes.

3. Following on from the example in Rule #2, your character cannot have any kind of relationship with an a canon character. "Canon character" in this instance is any character that's a repeat component of an established canon This rule can be bent, however, with characters that are almost pure fanon, because there is no canon concerning anything about their parentage, marital status, relationships, or even what work they do

4. Where there is an existing fantasy universe, characters must reasonably fit within its canon, either being consistent with what we already know, or simply avoiding contradiction with what we know. Most works about a given universe have a fairly narrow focus on wherever the characters are at any given time, so there are large gaps that deviations from canon can fit into. So long as these deviations don't contradict the canon or are contradicted by the canon, they will be entertained.

4a. AUs and fanon that jump off from outdated canon (such as Fallout Equestria that jumps off from Season 1, to use the cartoon My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as an example) will be granted extra leniency because they made a good-faith attempt to fully incorporate the canon of which the author was aware, and cannot be reasonably expected to be updated as canon is added and/or altered.

5. Fanon, such as stories on fanfiction sites, comics etc, cannot be cited in shorthand. What this means is that no one who reads the sheet will be obligated to read any particular story or comic to understand a character's history and background; such history and background must be written in the sheet for easy perusal.

6a. Fanons and AUs that are famous or otherwise very well-known in the fandom (Fallout Equestria being the most obvious example, again from MLPFIM) are exceptions to this shorthand rule because it can be reasonably presumed that the average player or admin reading the sheet would have sufficient familiarity to understand the character's background without extensive explanation.

7. The sum total of a character's sheet on the forum cannot exceed 1400 words, with the words use for format (like actually writing "History" and the like) not counting towards this limitation. No more than 1100 words of this limit can be taken up by the history. Obviously, the limit itself will be somewhat fluid on a case-by-case basis the way that all sheet-related rules are; the character admin exists to recognize exceptional circumstances as well as enforce standards, after all. This rule is not retroactive so all submissions prior to the time the rule is posted are exempt.

7a. The 1100-word limit for character histories applies to character histories contained wholly within the forum. If you wish to write your 100,000 word history in a Google Drive document and link it, that is permitted. The character admin, as with all other admins, only have authority over the group OCFR and cannot govern what you do on another web site. That said, the history must still adhere to all other standards laid out above.

8. Characters must be balanced, having weaknesses that compensate for their strengths. The degree to which this is accomplished is going to be highly subjective and as such is something players are strongly encouraged to have a conversation with the character admin about if their initial proposals aren't acceptable.

One last matters which is not strictly a rule:
* I am flexible and helpful. I'm also completely without sympathy if you make no attempt to work with me and then complain that I'm being mean to you. We all want to see your characters in threads, fully fleshed-out, and people (yourself included) having fun with them. So for the love of good bread, people, meet the character admin halfway.

And now the template:

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features:
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc):
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PostSubject: Re: Character Template & Rules   Character Template & Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2016 5:06 pm

Addendum: Please create a thread with your username in this forum section and post your characters to there please.
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Character Template & Rules
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